About Me

I am currently a student at University. I am studying Comparative Literature – which is basically a mixture of English and History.

I love reading – my favourite book would most definitely be ‘The Lady in the Tower‘ by Marie-Louise Jensen.

I love watching films – give me the date and time of a Harry Potter marathon and I’ll be there, or any film really.

I love the Medieval period and castles (any castle to be honest).

I love horse-riding and have even done my Gold DofE on horseback last summer – I am currently looking to do my Diamond DofE this summer.

I regularly volunteer at the Children’s Society, something which I enjoy hugely.

I wanted to start this blog because it’s something which means that I can let other people learn from things that I love and hopefully others will also take delight from my posts and random ideas.

This is a work in progress so please be patient as I learn to adapt and explore things further so that this becomes the perfect blog for you to read whenever and where ever.